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Our company owns and operates a group of niche businesses that make selling valuable devices safe and easy. With the proliferation of scammers on classified sites in SA, our offering has been a hit success.

Current sites:

SellYourMac.co.za – Sell your new, used or broken Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac or Mac Pro
SellYourGalaxy.co.za – Sell your new, used or broken Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets
SellYourConsole.co.za – Sell your new, used or broken gaming console, games and accessories
SellYourHuawei.co.za – Sell your new, used or broken Huawei smartphone or smart watch
SellYourGoPro.co.za – Sell your new or used GoPro and accessories
EpicDeals.co.za – Buy new or used smartphones and tablets online. Free courier delivery around SA.

Not only do we make it safe, we also save you a lot of time, and as we all know, time is money. How much time and money do you sacrifice running around meeting potential buyers when selling something? We think it’s a waste and we make use of couriers, around SA, that will collect the device you want to sell at a time that is convenient to you.


SellYouriPhone.co.za provides a safe and easy way for you to get cash for your new or used Apple iPhone.

We work closely with Platinum Repairs, SA’s leading iPhone and iPad repair centre. They are widely known for their unmatched quality of parts and service, and they have the privilege of serving many of SA’s largest corporates, insurance companies and thousands of individuals.

Many of our clients have complained about the unbelievable amount of scammers on the South African classified sites and they find it hard to figure out if a potential buyer is legitimate or a scammer. We have developed SellYouriPhone.co.za as an answer to this problem.

How this works:

  • – We will make you an offer on your iPhone. New, used or broken – we will buy it. If you accept the offer, we will send couriers to collect the phone. We cover all the courier costs.
  • – They will bring it to us and we will inspect the phone to make sure it matches the details you gave us when you were given a quote.
  • – If all matches up, we will pay you by EFT within two working days, using the banking details you will have supplied us. When you get a quote, we also give an option where you can get paid more, if you are willing to wait one, or two, weeks for your payment.
  • – If the phone is in a better condition than you had described, we will pay you extra.

If it is in a worse condition than you had described, we will also make you a new offer. If you decline, we will send your phone back, however a courier cost of R250 will have to be paid before we send it back. We try to be very fair but we’ve had a few cases where a submission for a “mint condition” iPhone has been made but when we receive the phone, it has a broken screen, water damaged, etc. Honest submissions are the way to go. It saves time and money for yourself, and for us.

We will not accept stolen devices and will hand your details over to the police should you send us a stolen device. You will be liable for all courier costs. The same goes for sending us fake or ITC listed devices.

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Detailed Explanation


The device is unusable without repairs. The screen doesn’t turn on and there’s no sign of life. Devices purchased in this condition must be removed from iCloud – if any devices are found to be iCloud locked at a later stage (after they have been repaired), the device will need to be unlocked. Please send us a screenshot showing the device does not appear in your list of iCloud devices. We can assist with this, if needed.


The device is functional without additional repairs, but has notable damage to major components. These include the screen, casing, battery, Touch or Face ID sensors and any other components required for the device to be in full working order. Deep scratches, cracks, or dents would qualify the device as poor condition.


The device is fully working and does not require any repairs to be used further. Minor evidence of previous use in the form of small scratches and scuffs are acceptable. 

Battery maximum capacity (visible in Settings > Battery > Battery Health) must be at 90% or above. If it’s lower than that, we would have to replace the battery before the phone can be resold. A fee of R250 will be deducted from the payout, to go towards covering this cost. 


The device is fully working and does not require any repairs to be used further. The device has absolutely no signs of previous use, not even minor scuffs or scratches are visible, the device is as good as new.

Battery maximum capacity (visible in Settings > Battery > Battery Health) must be at 95% or higher. 


The device still has all original factory seals intact with no evidence of tampering. The box has never been been unsealed or opened, and the device has never been used. Devices must be free from any contractual obligation.

Device Grades

Basic Summary

Sell Broken iPhone


- Not all functions working
- Deep scratched on screen or casing
- Cracks
- Water damaged, but working

Sell Used iPhone


Everything works, no major damage

Sell Your iPhone Box


New and sealed